Connecting Brainport Eindhoven with its surrounding nature reserves. The ‘Ons Bos’ platform makes it possible.

‘Ons Bos’ is an augmented reality platform which contains a new interactive and innovative way of experiencing a nature reserve. ‘Ons Bos’ covers the ‘Groote Heide’, Hollands’ largest moorland and nature reserve, south of Brainport Eindhoven.

The ‘Ons Bos’ app offers interactive trails where each trail offers a unique view on the surroundings, be it with trend setting nature photography (with 360˚ photos, time lapses and drone photos), mindfulness exercises or Kenyan-inspired run exercises.

Some trails reveal the present and historic past of locations like ‘De Achelse Kluis’, a Belgium monastery and its surroundings. More heritage routes will be added in the future.

All trails are fitted with digital content, explaining what you see in audio, video and even in augmented reality. More trails with historic stories and playful scavenger hunts are currently in development. So even the same path in the forest will always give a different experience.

The app keeps you updated on public events in the forest and allows you to comment on everything you see.

One of the biggest innovations in ‘Ons Bos’ is the availability of numerous trails, without the need of an internet connection during your walk. All content, even the augmented reality, is downloaded at the starting point on WiFi and GPS guides you through the forest.

Since no signs or other structural changes are needed to the environment, ‘Ons Bos’ provides a very green way of experiencing nature. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Are you curious about Ons Bos? Take a look at, download the app or visit the ‘Groote Heide’ in The Netherlands for yourself.

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