Litteratour is a platform to experiment new forms of collective storytelling. It is a new way to discover cities in-depth, guided by the stories and feelings connected to a space. Users can share and geo-locate quotes they love from books, song lyrics, movies and tales or write their own personal stories to convey the essence of an experience in a specific place. It is a social network with particular features: people can communicate only through their contents. Every user has his own profile that collects all the published quotes and all the quotes saved from the map; there is the possibility to follow other interesting profiles and to be followed by other community members. Every content published on Litteratour can be shared at the same time on the main social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing also the people outside the community to read and comment. The members of the community can use diaries to take quotes from their profile and organize them. They can create literary itineraries. Diaries can be built around an author, a place, a book, a movie or a specific literary topic.
You can check out how it works at the link:

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