Project objectives

  • To analyse the RTD development and needs of the Cultural sector towards the SmartCulture initiative in order to enhance RTD and innovation efforts related to Cultural Heritage and cultural industries.
  • To promote synergies and catalyse links between public administrations, research institutions and local business actors involved in the cultural clusters in order to develop specific support policies for more extensive use of ICT in the Cultural Heritage sector.
  • To foster the transnational and cross border cooperation between the actors of the participating regions in the field of SmartCulture. 
  • To transfer knowledge and good practices to regions with a less developed research profile in ICT and Cultural Heritage innovation and strengthen their capacity to set up and develop regional research-driven clusters.   
  • To develop a Joint Action Plan and a Digital Culture Agenda among the participating regions in order to stimulate a coordinated innovation and technological development in the Cultural Heritage sector. 
  • To develop and enhance internationalization of RTD in the cultural sector through international activities with complementary clusters and dissemination activities.