The Central Denmark Region Cluster consists of partners representing two local authorities Central Denmark Region and The Municipality of Aarhus, three local research centers at The University of Aarhus CAVI, CFI and CJU and two SME’s Kollision and Aarhus Film Workshop.
The cluster Central Denmark Region is newly built. It is the ambition to enlarge and enhance the cluster with further partners that supports the triple helix. The common point of departure in the MIDT cluster is an interdisciplinary and user experience orientated perspective on digitalization of cultural heritage. Through competencies in the triple helix cluster (science, the humanities, the political institutions and innovative SME’s) addressing digital dissemination of cultural heritage the cluster aims to create a framework for a modern, educated and enlightened society, competitive business conditions and an efficient public sector.
Central Denmark region will represent the cluster for the SMARTCULT project. 

People in the Smartculture project

  • Karsten Bækgaard
    Head of Office, Bachelor in science and civil engineering. More than 30 years of experience in regional development planning in different fields such as business development, tourism development, international cooperation and EU programmes. Responsible for several EU projects, latest Interreg IVA project VER-DI. Member of the North Sea Commission Culture & Tourism Group.
  • Erik Bach Andersen
    (Project Manager and LEAR) Master in history. Senior Consultant with 25 years of experience with various regional cultural programmes and projects. Partner in cultural heritages projects under the Interreg North Sea Programme IIC and IIB. Member of the North Sea Culture and Tourism Group 1995-2005. Various bilateral cultural projects.