The Siena Cluster is comprised of local authorities (Municipality of Siena), universities (Siena Studies University and University for Foreigners of Siena) and several ICT local enterprises (TerraData Environmetrics s.r.l., Green Time srl, Agorà ICT srl, ATS - Archaeolandscapes Tech&Survey, In.Fact srl).
Local authorities
Municipality of Siena participated in some European projects in several fields, especially in the social area (people in trouble, immigrants, youth) and in the cultural area (cultural exchanges, cultural heritage). In these projects the main role of Siena Municipality was addressed towards the provision of services to citizens, empowering the interaction between citizens and public administrations. The municipality of Siena will represent the cluster for the SMARTCULTURE project.
Siena Studies University, with over 16,000 students. In 2011 the University of Siena was classified second in the whole of Italy for its structures, quality of services, internet access, study grants and internationalization (Censis classification), and seventh out of 58 Italian Universities for its attractiveness to students from other regions and countries.
Università per Stranieri di Siena have the aims of cultivating an advantage knowledge of Italian language and culture for teaching and scientific research. 
TerraData Environmetrics s.r.l, Green Time srl, Agorà ICT srl, ATS (Archaeolandscapes & Tech Survey), In.Fact srl, … 

People in the Smartculture project:

  • Pier luigi Sacco 
    (Project Leader) is Director for Siena 2019 European Capital Culture Candidate City. Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Markets, and Heritage and Professor of Cultural Economics at IULM University of Milan. He also teaches Creative Industries at the University of Italian Switzerland in Lugano. He has published more than one hundred articles in peer reviewed journals on game theory, cultural economics and policy, and culture-led local development processes. He works as policy designer and consultant for national, local administrations and cultural institutions worldwide.
  • Susanna Fratiglioni 
    (Cultural Department Director) is graduated in Law in 1982, is an employee of Municipality of Siena since 1984, where she worked as the officer of Major Events and Festivals (including the Palio). Director of Culture and Major Events Management since 2002 has been identified as the contact manager candidacy for the European Capital of Siena in 2019. She has extensive experience regarding the management of cultural activities and has participated in numerous conferences and seminars on cultural and tourism events.
  • Luciano Benedetti 
    (Financial Area Director) has degree in Political Science. Manager of the City of Siena in the financial statement since 1993, carries out its work mainly in the areas of planning, management, economic and financial accountability of the organization. Long experience in teaching and interventions as expert.
  • Carlo Infantino 
    (International activities office Responsible) is head of International Activities of the City of Siena, has a long experience in international management of the twin cities network, international cooperation projects and the UNDP Art Gold network.