EuraTechnologies is the coordinator of the SmartCulture project and it represents a triple helix cluster dedicated to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and innovation.
Tech Ecosystem for Digital innovation, EuraTechnologies is a “business” solution dedicated to creators, startups and enterprises in the IT sector. 
It is the European tech ecosystem for digital innovation, bringing together research (transfer of technologies), training and entrepreneurship, and companies with national and international vocation, offering them an innovative infrastructure and customized services. This is our mission. 
EuraTechnologies is:
Hosting/ Funding/ Coaching/ Networking
5 sectors: Digital/ E-marketing/ Software/ Networks/ SoLoMo
131+ enterprises 
2000+ jobs
80+ complementary professions
30+ partnerships 
200 events each year
20 000  visitors in 2012 
150 000 m² available on the area
EuraTechnologies also develop international partnerships (Brazil, USA, China, Dubai) to increase the chance of its startups on global Markets.
For more information: 
In the triple helix cluster, local authorities are represented by the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council and the CALL (Community of municipalities of Lens-Lièvin). They lead jointly Euralens association. Euralens is a federation of projects for the urban and economic redevelopment of the old Coalfield. This coalition of local actors has decided to take advantage of the opening of a new branch of the Louvre Museum in the center of the “Coalfield”, the Louvre in Lens.
Established in January 2009, the PRES (Pôle de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur) from Université Lille Nord de France gathers 30 universities, 200 laboratories, 4600 researchers, 3000 PhD students. Université Lille Nord de France is an entity capable of enhancing the international visibility and attractiveness of the major players in higher education and research in the region Nord-Pas de Calais.
The region is recognized as a region of museums and cultural events, with almost 200 museums, including 30 museums of Fine Arts and 49 museums labeled “Musées de France”. 
People in the SmartCulture project
  • Raouti Chehih 
    is CEO for EuraTechnologies. Holding master’s degrees in town and country planning and is a graduate from STANFORD UNIVERSITY (SCPD): innovation and entrepreneurship programand. Raouti is specialized in economic development and fundraising. In 1996, with the raise of .com industry, he decided to specialize in digital industry.
  • Patrick Bertolo 
    Information Intelligence & project engineering officer to develop and implement information intelligence system and services. He also supports the EUP’s team in management of projects. Patrick holds a master’s degree in ICT from the UVHC (University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis). He held position of project manager in ICT Services Companies (Soleri-Cigel group and Bull Services), IT manager and Operations manager at IPC (Imperial Printing Company), a subsidiary of JCI (Journal Communication Inc.).
  • Anca Draghici
    SmartCulture’s Project Manager.  She holds a master degree in “European Politics”. 
  • Sylvain Karpf 
    Rresponsible for research dissemination at INRIA Nord de France. INRIA is the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. The 'Plateau Inria' et EuraTechnologies presents the work of Inria's teams, the aim being to promote interactions between the scientific community, the business world and wider society.