EIKEN, the Basque Audio-visual Cluster, is a not-for-profit, sectorial business association.

EIKEN is one of the twelve priority clusters supported by the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Country. EIKEN was funded on the 14th October 2004 with the aim of being the driving force for consolidating the Basque Audiovisual Sector and promoting the competitiveness of its companies. Covering the whole audiovisual value chain, its members are institutions based in the Basque Country that create and market multimedia content, products and services for the creative and cultural sector. The corporate purpose of EIKEN is to promote the transformation of the Basque creative sector through strategic actions based on business co-operation, with innovation as a constant. EIKEN is a triple helix cluster, with partners from academia and research, companies and local authorities. Many of the EIKEN partners have large experience in projects relating Information and Communication Technologies and Cultural Heritage at a local, regional, national and international level. The cooperation between the EIKEN partners has fostered innovation within the sector.


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