The city of Eindhoven is the other beneficiary for the Eindhoven region.
The city level is only competent body able to adopt policies that are relevant to the themes of the project. Continued implication of the city and its political board allows the policy link of the project to remain strong. The City of Eindhoven is also closely linked to the other 4 big cities within the Province of North Brabant (Tilburg, Helmond, Den Bosch, Breda: together they are the “B5”, commonly applying to be the host for European Capital of Culture 2018) and with the City of Leuven (BE) and the City of Aachen (DE) in the so called ‘ELAt’ triangle. On top, the physical element of the project is STRIJP S, a former industrial site within the city centre, to be developed into a hotspot for creative and design industries, for which the city of Eindhoven is best placed to take responsibility for development and implementation of policies and action emanating from the project.

People in the Smartculture project

  • Ton van Gool 
    Senior policy developer at the Arts & Culture department of the City of Eindhoven. He is project manager for the cultural development of Strijp S, a huge industrial area being developed into a new city heart of Eindhoven. He is responsible for realizing a new media-cluster on Strijp S. Van Gool was director of MU, an art space focused on the relation between arts and popular culture, design and new media. He also was director of De Effenaar, a venue for popmusic and events.