Bulgarian Expert Council on Digitisation

This is the official site of the National Expert Council on Digitisation. NECD has been established in June 2012 with a Decision of the Management Board of the National Donor Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”. The President of Bulgaria Mr. Rossen Plevneliev supported the initiative and the National Council on Digitisation works under his patronage.

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Presentation of two multimedia products

Presentation of two multimedia products:„The Sacred Spaces in Strandja Mountain“ and „The Odrysian Kingdom“


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Future of the arts and culture in Sofia region

In March, Sofia Development Association held three meetings with representatives of the cultural and creative industries in Sofia to discuss the future of the arts and culture in the region. Participants in the meetings shared their vision of the region and the development of digital technologies to protect and support the rich cultural heritage in Sofia.

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Bulgarian content aggregator to EUROPEANA

An important event of the past two months was the establishment of the Bulgarian arm of Europeana, namely, Bulgariana. 

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DELIGHT FOR THE SENSES – the first multimedia exhibition Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora “Light and Spirit”

Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora’s masterpieces in a unique combination of picture and sound in a room size 21 to 25 meters in a 360-degree panoramic view … speaking eyes from the wall, sweet apples, falling apples, girls in folk costumes (live and from the wall), the smell of cinnamon, sound of a drawing nib, the stamping of soldiers, the noise of the field, summer, autumn, pictures that come and go, that embrace and excite ……..

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Sharing is Caring Conference

The 3rd international Sharing is Caring seminar will be held on April 1th in Copenhagen. The seminar focus on collaboration with users in the GLAM sector.

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NODEM 2013: Watch the presentations

NODEM is an interdisciplinary conference forum that connects various disciplines and professions related to digital cultural heritage:
interaction design
exhibition design
museum studies 
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A conference called “INNOVARE SENZA TRADIRE. Arte, archeologia e storia”  (Innovate without betray. Art, archeology and history) was held in Siena on the 12th of december. The event was organized by the University of Siena and the department of History of Cultural Heritage and aimed to present the project SENAE virGO, a great virtual museum of gothic art and architecture in Siena.
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