Digital Heritage International Congress - 28 Oct - 1 Nov Marseille, France

Fall 2013 will witness the largest international scientific event on digital heritage in history, bringing together hundreds of researchers, educators, scientists, industry professionals and policy makers to debate, discuss and present digital technology applied to the protection, documentation, and understanding of humanity’s shared heritage.

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A peep from the Executive Committee meeting

We are discussing the "Regional inventory and analysis" and how to collect data from eight different regions. It isn't easy. For instance how do you define "cultural actors" ? Lots of questions pop up during our walk through of the framework for collecting data. But we will come to an agreement though and the atmosphere is still positive as you can see on the pictures.

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SmartCulture Focus Groups in Denmark

During the summer the SmartCulture project launches a large scale survey which includes an online questionnaire, focus groups and in-depth interviews in the eight participating regions. The survey aims to investigate the conditions and the possibilities for development of the creative industries. 

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