Museum Next - Open Call

For the last seven years MuseumNext conferences have focused on the future of museums and how the sector is forging ahead, showcasing innovative ideas and delivering thought-provoking insight. We continue to do so with our next conference taking place in Dublin in April 2016 and are looking for speakers to deliver energetic and inspiring 20-minute presentations.


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It is becoming more and more evident that education in cultural management and cultural policy cannot and should not be separated from research being conducted in the field.
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The adoption desk for Dutch heritage

Spurred on by the closure of the Scryption Museum in Tilburg, the Foundation of Disinherited Goods was established in 2012 to generate public and governmental awareness about the consequences heavy budget cuts have on the cultural sector. Thus, the founders of the FDG (Kate Marchand, Jolande Otten and Dieuwertje Wijsmuller) created a program to use the ‘orphaned’ museum collection – the objects left to abandonment at the sudden closure of the museum – to better communicate the value of heritage in society.

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SmartCulture brochure

Read the new SmartCulture brochure and learn about new technologies and digital growth in 8 case studies.

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Shaping Access! – More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage Conference 5./6. November 2015 at Altonaer Museum, Hamburg

Digitisation offers a great chance to improve the accessibility of cultural heritage immensely and thus to contribute to the knowledge society of the future. As in previous years, also in 2015 we want to discuss the chances, obstacles, challenges and changes that digitisation causes for libraries, archives and museums and their relationships with other institutions, initiatives and businesses. The major focus will be on future strategies for access to cultural heritage. What are new ideas and innovations? What trends become apparent?

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ICT 2015, 20-22 October 2015

ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform, 20-22 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, organised by the European Commission, together with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

The ICT 2015 event will comprise a number of parallel activities:

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Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 17-25 October 2015

DDW celebrates the power of imagination with the question ‘with what does every designer and all innovation start?’. The question for everyone who believes everything can be done better, more beautifully and more efficiently, and who sees a challenge in every problem.

For 9 whole days, DDW boasts 100 locations, presenting the processes, experiments and ideas, answers and solutions thought up by 2400 designers. Come and be amazed, surprised or astonished. Ask yourself new questions, draw inspiration for your own answers and allow the power of design to convince you.

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MUSE: Bringing text to life through 3D story telling

The MUSE project introduces a new way of exploring and understanding information by “bringing text to life” through 3D interactive storytelling. Taking as input natural language text like children’s stories or medical patient education materials, MUSE processes the natural language, translates it into formal knowledge that represents the actions, actors, plots and surrounding world, and then renders these as virtual 3D worlds in which the user can explore the text through interaction, re-enactment and guided game play.

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